Changes I Want/Need To Make In My ELL Newcomers Class During Second Semester – Education News

Changes I Want/Need To Make In My ELL Newcomers Class During Second Semester – 24 Global News | Education News

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It’s Finals Week at our school, and it’s a good time for me to reflect on any changes I should make during the second semester.

My IB Theory of Knowledge classes are going fine, as the always do, so we just need to continue to do what we’re doing.

My double period ELL Newcomer class is also going well, but its size, dynamics with peer tutors, constant influx of new students (which typically increases even more during second semester), and the often major challenges facing students in, requires constant reflection and re-evaluation on my part.

So, here are some actions I need to take – soon – in that class:

    • Figure out a simple form for peer tutors to use to help them reflect on how they are doing as peer tutors, and have a regular (& very short) meeting with them once-a-week to help them focus and improve.  They’re all seniors, and “senioritis” is beginning to set in.
    • Integrate a group of about five more motivated (and more advanced in their English) Newcomer students into that peer tutor group.  I met with them and they are excited, and honored, that I have asked them to begin “acting like peer tutors.”  I’m moving the three most most advanced and motivated students into a more advanced English class, and this group of five needs to step-up to replace them.
    • Somehow create the time to have an individual meeting with each student to review their assessments and help them reflect on their future goals and if their present attitudes are going to get them there.  There are disconnects between the two for some students, and those conversations and follow-up are always tricky.
    • The National Geographic assessments our district uses for ELLs is a really bad one.  Nevertheless, it is one data point, and it might or might not be useful.  It suggests that I should consider placing more of an effort into helping students develop English reading comprehension skills.  Next week, I’ll be writing more about how I plan to do that more specifically.
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Doing all of this requires time.  I hope I’m able to find it.

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