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Single Dad Shows Sons the Power of Education – 24 Global News | Education News


To CJ Summerville, a father of 2, the most important aspect of parenting is to set a good example. “I’m really, really conscientious of making the statement ‘Don’t just preach it to teach it,’’ he explains. “If I tell my kids this and that, but they watch me do something different, then my words are hollow.”

CJ spent 16 years at a large tech company where he led a successful career, but he couldn’t quite shake his disappointment over never having completed his college degree. After a string of layoffs, CJ was let go and left contemplating his next step.

Reflecting on the values he hoped to instill in his two boys, CJ re-enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas. “I started looking to go back to school,” CJ recalls. “I found the Single Parent Scholarship. And it was the only one I was actually eligible for.”

CJ’s educational journey was not free of sacrifices or obstacles. “In order to juggle all the different responsibilities – school and work and raising children – mentally, it’s really tough sometimes. There’s a lot going on.”

“When I found out I was going to receive the scholarship, I was relieved – very relieved,” he remembers. “There were times for my family that that scholarship bought groceries or bought gas so I could get to work. We’ve lived very much – for the last 3 years – week to week.”

But hard work pays off! CJ graduated in December with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Transportation. He’s thriving in his new career field and is looking forward to working his way up with his new degree in hand.

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He’s proud of his accomplishment and the example he has set for his two sons. “Getting my education has allowed me – in the little ways that we can as parents – to tip the balance in their favor.”

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