My mom ‘sets a great example,’ says recipient’s daughter – Education News

My mom ‘sets a great example,’ says recipient’s daughter – 24 Global News | Education News

ASPSF Recipient Katrine and her daughter Kaneisha

Kaneisha has watched her mom, Katrine, work hard for four years to become an elementary school teacher. Last year, Katrine graduated with her associate degree from Texarkana College and now is working on her bachelor’s.  

Below, Kaneisha shares what it means to see her mom reach her goals. 

Watching my mom succeed in something she wanted for so long makes me smile because I know all the hard work she put into this.

From the long stressful nights to waking up early to study for a test, she sets a great example and shows us every day that anything CAN be achieved, no matter what.

As I watch her set high goals and reach them every time and get closer and closer to the career she’s been striving for, it makes me feel inspired, and I know that through hard work I can accomplish anything. 

PHOTO CAPTION: ASPSF recipient Katrine (left) has inspired her 17-year-old daughter, Kaneisha, who is now planning for her own higher education to become a registered nurse and cosmetologist. 

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