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Unveiled to coincide with what would have been her 87th birthday, a mural dedicated to Agnieszka Osiecka made its debut on Francuska 33 on Monday.

The author of 2,000 songs and an equally prolific playwright and poet, Osiecka’s life was heavily intertwined with her beloved district of Saska Kępa. Cherished as something of a local heroine, a plaque at Dąbrowiecka 25 signposts her former home, while a life size statue of this Saska saint sits at Francuska 11 outside what used to be Café Sax – a favourite stamping ground of Osiecka.

Now, her connection with the area has been again underlined, this time courtesy of a mural designed by Marek Grela and Marta Piróg from the Czary-Mury studio.

Painted in discreet shades so as to fit with the spirit of the area, the work depicts the cultural icon wearing sunglasses and surrounded by lilacs – a reference to her poem Małgośka which was later immortalised by the singer Maryla Rodowicz.

Attended by her daughter, the journalist and writer Agata Passent, as well as many of her surviving friends, the mural looks set to become one of the defining features of Saska Kępa.

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