Pro-transparency groups demand probe into German MEP – 24 Global News | Latest International Breaking News Today

Pro-transparency groups demand probe into German MEP – Latest International Breaking News Today

Pro-transparency groups are demanding scrutiny into conflict of interests allegations of Markus Ferber, a centre-right MEP from Germany.

In a joint-letter on Wednesday (3 April) sent to MEPs, they say that the EU parliament needs to open a fresh investigation into Ferber.

The letter was signed by Transparency International EU, Transparency International Germany, Corporate Europe Observatory, as well as Lobby Control.

And it comes at a time when the European Parliament is batting off renewed attention over allegations some MEPs were bought off by Russian money, as well as the continuing fallout of the Qatargate corruption scandal.

But the latest twist against Ferber also follows a pattern of alleged abuses going back years. In 2017, he was reportedly promoting a tool [TIPER] that helps banks and asset management companies in navigating legislation he had helped draft as an MEP.

A year later, he was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing by the EU parliament.

But last month, Politico Europe, revealed Ferber is also selling consulting services to banks on EU financial legislation he helped write.

And he is said to have done so by entering into a partnership with a Dutch businessman who heads the Swiss-based company Cfinancials, which suggested charging five banks each €250,000 for his consultancy expertise.

Those revelations have upped the pressure by the pro-transparency groups for the European Parliament’s advisory committee on the conduct of members to launch an investigation.

They say that offering financial consulting services and endorsing a tool such as TIPER, all while conducting parliamentary activity focused on the same sector, suggests a significant conflict-of-interest risk.

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“As a member of parliament, Ferber is entrusted with responsibilities arising from his democratic electoral mandate: these side activities directly contradict his duty to prioritise the public interest over his own,” they write in the letter.

Side jobs are nothing new for MEPs, who already earn a gross monthly salary of just under €10,000. This comes on top of some €4,800 a month in office allowances, plus other perks.

A 2021 study by Transparency International found that over one quarter of the 705 MEPs have declared side-jobs, collectively worth between €3.9m and €11.5m in outside earnings.

Although having a side job is not against the rules, failing to properly declare it could lead to suspicions of outside influence swaying an MEP’s judgement, especially if they legislate on issues dear to their private paymasters.

Ferber is currently vice-chair of the European Parliament’s committee on tax matters. He did not respond, as of publication, to emailed questions on the alleged conflicts of interests.

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