The Tired Monotony of a Trump Rally in 2024 – 24 Global News | Latest International Breaking News Today

The Tired Monotony of a Trump Rally in 2024 – Latest International Breaking News Today

But something deeper than distraction or fatigue plagued the former president’s appearances in New Hampshire. Trump’s speeches have always been rambling and directionless, but in 2024, they have the additional drawback of being inescapably monotonous.

His rallies aren’t fundamentally different than they have been in past elections, but therein lies the problem: There’s little new substance or material in this year’s revival of the Trump Show. His core grievances — against the “radical left Democrats,” the deep state, the RINOs, the globalists, the media — are little changed since he first started running for president in 2015, and his schticks — spinning out new nicknames for his rivals, goading the crowd to boo the press — are all retreads. Trump may still be full of venom and fury, but his laugh lines feel wooden and rehearsed, his digressions lacking color and zing.

And his fans — though, on the whole, as enthusiastic as ever — seem to be taking note. Last Saturday evening in Manchester, Trump spoke to a crowd of 5,000 inside a frigid minor league ice hockey stadium. Toward the end of his nearly two-hour speech, a soaring orchestral soundtrack came on over the PA system, and an American flag began billowing on the screen behind him. This was supposed to be the climactic culmination of his speech, but as Trump droned on — for five, 10, 15 minutes longer — even the supporters standing behind him on the stage started to look a little bored. Out in the stands, a steady stream of attendees trickled toward the exits.

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The stilted tone of the rallies may not matter for Trump’s electoral chances — he has romped through primary challenges so far in Iowa and New Hampshire, and polls show him with a
slight edge
over President Joe Biden in a general election matchup — but it certainly matters for how the country prepares for his possible return to the White House.

Last week, ahead of the Iowa caucuses, The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins
urged readers to show up to a Trump rally — “not as a supporter or as protester, necessarily, but as an observer.” In 2016 and 2020, Coppins argued, Trump watchers scrutinized every one of his rallies, dissecting them for clues into Trump’s erratic psyche. But in 2024, Coppins contended, an overcorrection has occurred: Now, the country isn’t paying enough attention to Trump. He has been rendered “an abstraction” — a “hazy silhouette … formed by preconceived notions and outdated impressions.”

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